Quesadilla D

Grilled soft tortilla filled with your choice of protein, creamy jalapeno mayo and extra melted cheese. Toasted to perfection and served with your choice of chips and a drink.


Choice Of Protein

  • Seasoned Ground Beef D Seasoned Ground Beef D
  • Grilled Chicken D Grilled Chicken D
  • Slow Cooked Pork D Slow Cooked Pork D
  • Steak Strips D Steak Strips D
  • Black Beans (Vegetarian) D Black Beans (Vegetarian) D

Other Fillings

  • Two Cheese Blend D Two Cheese Blend D


  • Creamy Jalapeno Mayo D Creamy Jalapeno Mayo D

Meal Includes

Choice Of Chips

  • Seasoned Tortilla Chips D Seasoned Tortilla Chips D
  • Seasoned Fries D Seasoned Fries D

Choice Of Soft Drink

  • 7Up 7Up
  • Mt Dew D Mt Dew D
  • Pepsi D Pepsi D
  • Pepsi Max D Pepsi Max D
  • Solo D Solo D
  • Sunkist D Sunkist D