Stacked Chips Supreme D

Everything you love about nachos stacked onto seasoned crunchy hot chips. Perfect for sharing with your mates.. or keeping all to yourself.


Choice Of Protein

  • Seasoned Ground Beef D Seasoned Ground Beef D
  • Grilled Chicken D Grilled Chicken D
  • Slow Cooked Pork D Slow Cooked Pork D
  • Steak Strips D Steak Strips D
  • Black Beans (Vegetarian) D Black Beans (Vegetarian) D

Other Fillings

  • Fiesta Salsa D Fiesta Salsa D
  • Guacamole D Guacamole D


  • Nacho Cheese Sauce D Nacho Cheese Sauce D
  • Sour Cream D Sour Cream D